2021 Corvettes Lose Yet Another Cool Accessory

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The price might've stayed the same, but the customization hasn't.

The C8 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has been a revelation for the brand, not only in terms of performance but also its poster-car appeal. However, the first year of deliveries was fraught with problems, from quality control issues to frunk lids opening while driving. Production delays due to the pandemic didn't exactly help, either. There was good news for many that their unfulfilled 2020 orders rolled over to 2021, and 2021 prices were unchanged. The new model year ushered in a series of new colors, but unfortunately, many accessories were culled from the offering as well. The high-wing spoiler and car cover both got chopped from the accessory brochure, and now, there's another victim. 2021 Corvette's can no longer be had with Accessory Illuminated Sill Plates.

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This is according to Corvette Action Center, which says that not so long ago, Chevrolet dealers were alerted that the accessory would need to be removed from all 2021 Corvette orders due to a supply issue. Apparently, the issue is severe enough that it will be restricted on all 2021 Corvettes for the remainder of its production run, which suggests it may return for 2022.

GM also sent the dealers a list of affected orders in order to notify customers. There has been no confirmation as to what exactly has caused the supply issue, but if the rest of 2020 has been anything to go by, it's almost certainly linked to the coronavirus in some way.

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Illuminated door sills are hardly a major issue, however, and given the number of buyers who opt for black-out packages or total debadging of their vehicles, we doubt many will really miss the accessory sills. Several other accessories are still available, although the catalog is dwindling. The best options include a Ground Effects undersplitter for $449, while a 94-piece toolkit will appeal to any gearhead at $389. Those looking for further customization can always look to the aftermarket, where a number of carbon fiber accessories have been made available in recent months.

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Source Credits: Corvette Action Center

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