2021 F-150 Raptor Surprised Ford Engineers In The Best Way Possible

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Is there anything this truck can't do?

The third-generation Ford F-150 Raptor will soon be descending upon us and that means even crazier off-road shenanigans are afoot. The Baja-ready truck is packed with some pretty impressive features, such as the high-tech Fox Live Valve shocks which enables the driver a wide range of damping levels on any surface type.

Ford says these new shocks increased in diameter to 3.1 inches, resulting in double the damping force over the outgoing model. There's also the Live Valve suspension technology that enables the truck to have finer damping levels thanks to sensors gathering real-time data up to 500 times per second.

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The system then uses algorithms to create a predictive model based on the current driving styling and terrain trajectory. Cool. These systems and plenty more combine to give the new Raptor serious capabilities, such as flying. Well, kind of. Speaking to Muscle Cars and Trucks, Ford Performance Vehicle Dynamics Engineer Adam Stroup admitted the 2021 Raptor can jump so high the testing team had to redesign the ramps.

"We definitely push the truck pretty hard, to its limits and sometimes past the limits. We gotta tune the truck in that environment, and know how far we can go," he said. "One cool story is we have a tabletop jump that run the truck on for development."

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"And after this program, we're going to have to redesign this jump because we can't go any faster, or we'll miss the landing on jump… I don't want to give you exact speeds or dimensions, but we run that jump significantly faster with the Gen 3 truck."

For those who don't know, a tabletop jump consists of an incline ramp, a flat landing, and a decline ramp in that order. They're sometimes even used in off-road competitions. The new 2021 F-150 Raptor goes on sale this July and orders are due to get started later this month. Recently leaked pricing reveals a significant increase over the outgoing model. Buyers will pay no less than $64,145, not including the $1,695 destination fee. The 2020 Raptor carries a base price of $52,855.

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Source Credits: Muscle Cars And Trucks

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