2021 Ford Bronco Will Have Hundreds Of Accessories

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Ford doesn't want to leave customers wanting when it comes to the Bronco.

The 2021 Bronco is one of Ford's most important new model launches. Anticipation for the reborn rugged off-roader is high, so Ford can't afford to mess up its launch. Ford still hasn't confirmed a debut date yet, but a recent report claimed the 2021 Ford Bronco will finally break cover next month, so we may not have much longer to wait.

Since demand will be so high, the Bronco will be available at every retailer when it launches early next year. And according to Automotive News, buyers will be able to pimp out their 2021 Ford Bronco with a choice of over 150 available accessories such as soft-tops and all-weather mats.


These accessories can be warrantied and financed through Ford Motor Credit Co. To prepare for the Bronco's launch, Ford has replaced over half of its regional accessories distributors, updated a website for dealers, and is promising faster parts shipments. By contrast, the Ford Ranger was plagued with issues when it launched in the US last year. Many accessories weren't initially available and others were slow to arrive. Ford doesn't want to repeat the same mistakes for a model launch as important as the new Bronco.

"At launch, we may not have had as many accessories as we would have wanted, but as Ranger has evolved, the accessories have caught up," said Tim Hovik, a member of the Ford council and owner of San Tan Ford in Gilbert, Arizona. "We feel like we've taken a step forward to modernize our distribution system to give the dealers more options and faster order fills so we're more efficient with our customers and can deliver a better experience for them."


A revamped Ford Accessory Distributor network with seven regional providers will enable "quick-turn orders and prevent dealers from having to amass large inventories of parts". To make selling accessories online easier, Ford has also partnered with Autodata Solutions.

"The company is way more engaged than it's ever been in delivering accessories from the very beginning of launch," said John Crane, chairman of the Ford National Dealer Council and owner of Golf Mill Ford in Niles. "We know how important it is to sell accessories to people. They spend thousands of dollars on their vehicle. We want to be ready from the get-go."

In the first year of production, Ford anticipates to sell up to 200,000 combined units of the 2021 Bronco and the smaller Bronco Sport. That's a very ambitious target, so Ford can't afford to make the same mistakes it did with the Ranger.

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