2021 Ford F-150 Police Interceptor Is America's Fastest Cop Car

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Good for emergencies. Bad for speeders.

Ford is no stranger to the world of police vehicles. It's been a major player in this market for years with its lineup of pursuit-rated Interceptor vehicles, specifically the Explorer and now-discontinued Taurus. The F-150 is the most recent addition to the lineup and it's been updated for the 2021 model year. In short, it's not only faster than ever but also has the fastest 0-60 mph, 0-100 mph, and quarter-mile times than any other law enforcement vehicle.

Thanks to data collected by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and preliminary data from the Michigan State Police, the 2021 F-150 Police Interceptor can go from a standstill to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds. That's 1.2 seconds faster than the previous model and at least 0.4 seconds faster than the vehicle tested by the Michigan force.

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Hitting 100 mph is now 3.7 seconds faster than last year with a time of 13.1 seconds - 0.8 seconds quicker than its closest rival. Top speed is now pegged at 120 mph compared to 2020's 105 mph time. The LA County Sheriff Department also clocked a quarter-mile time of 14.4 seconds, a full second faster than in 2020 and 0.4 seconds faster than the unnamed second-place finisher.

These improvements have been made possible with increased torque and the new torque-on-demand 4x4 transfer case. The Raptor-sourced 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 remains but torque now hits 500 lb-ft. The automatic four-wheel-drive mode and that transfer case are calibrated to constantly adjust torque to the front and rear wheels as conditions require, resulting in not only faster starts but also instant traction at all four corners.

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Thirty-two-lap testing conducted at police courses in LA and Michigan proved both systems make a difference. For example, one test shaved 5.8 seconds off the truck's average lap time while a second reduced it by 3.6 seconds, though this one required a 400-pound payload to simulate police gear.

"Shaving even a few seconds off response times can make a big difference," said Ford's police vehicle brand manager Greg Ebel. "Whether responding to an accident on the highway or a distress call from somewhere off-road, law enforcement officers can count on 2021 F-150 Police Responder to get them there fast."

Police fleets across America will begin taking delivery of the updated Kansas City-built F-150 Interceptor this fall.

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