2021 Ford F-150's Coolest Truck Features Aren't Cheap

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Forget hands-free driving; what about that power tailgate price?

The all-new 2021 Ford F-150 is already a force to be reckoned with in the forever highly competitive pickup truck battles. There's no question both GM and FCA, as well as Toyota and Nissan, can't wait to get their hands on one for benchmarking purposes. One key reason why is the F-150's numerous worker-friendly options, such as the cool center console tray table and fully reclining seats.

However, a dealer order guide obtained by CarsDirect reveals many of these options are not exactly cheap. The good news is that tray table and reclining seats are affordable, priced at $165 and $340, respectively. We'll get back to the latter shortly because there's a bit of a catch.

But first, a new tailgate feature that can power going both up and down is also reasonably priced at $695. Thing is, it's only available on the more expensive trims, the cheapest being the $46,890 Lariat 4x2 SuperCab.

Front Angle View Ford
Aft View Ford
Rear-Facing View Ford

Other features aimed for those working jobs like construction and anything outdoors-related can be quite a bit more expensive. The upgraded tailgate and its built-in work surface, c-clamp mount, and various slots for things like cups and pens, will only be available on the SuperCrew variant and its MSRP is nearly $50,000. Like that new LED box lighting system? It's a $125 option beginning on the XLT trim but it requires the purchase of a $2,060 package, bringing the vehicle's total to about $48,000 in case of an XLT 4x4 SuperCrew.

As for those $340 reclining seats, specifically called Max Recline Seats, it might sound cheap at first but the truth is not exactly the most convenient thing.

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Buyers must select either the King Ranch, Platinum, or Limited trim to even have the option to purchase. And yes, those are the three most expensive trim levels. Fortunately, the very clever Pro Power Onboard option can be had on all gas-powered F-150s for just $995. Producing a total of 2kW, the Blue Oval claims it produces enough juice to power all the things necessary for a tailgate party, such as a TV and mini-fridge.

With around 40 possible trim combinations, there's surely an F-150 for everybody. Just remember that some features may at first seem cheap but they require bumping up to a more expensive trim.

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Source Credits: CarsDirect

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