2021 Ford GT Has Some Cool Updates Coming

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Time for more aesthetic improvements.

Earlier this year, Ford unveiled an insanely cool retro special edition of its current supercar at the Chicago Auto Show. The Ford GT Liquid Carbon Edition not only looks the part but was also part of a series of general improvements to the GT line. These included a slight horsepower boost for a new total of 660 hp, new buttress air ducts aimed to increase airflow by 50 percent, larger intercoolers, and a new premium Akrapovic titanium exhaust.

What does Ford have planned for the upcoming 2021 model year?

The Blue Oval has just announced on Twitter the Ford GT is set to receive "an all-new graphics package featuring customizable colors highlighting features that help deliver all 660 horsepower during the most strenuous track sessions." The tweet came with an accompanying GIF showcasing three sample exterior color updates.

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Very appropriate for the current holiday weekend, those colors are red, white, and blue. It's hard to tell if they're different from the current shades available in those colors, but what's clear are the additional graphics. Notice the solid stripes running across the top instead of the current twin stripes, another graphic around the engine intakes, and unique side mirror colors.

Ford hasn't gone into greater detail about these updates or any others set to be included as of right now, but chances are we'll learn more in the very near future.

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Engine Ford
Rear View Driving Ford
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Question is whether the 2021 GT's updates will be limited to some exterior aesthetics or further improvements made to the 3.5-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V6?

Bear in mind Ford announced back in 2018 that due to higher than expected demand, GT production had been extended until sometime in 2022. Launched in 2016, just 1,000 were slated for production over the course of four years. The additional output will see another 350 GTs built before it's ultimately discontinued.

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