2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Will Be One Handsome SUV

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Something tells us that the new model's true appeal will be under the skin.

As well-loved as the current Jeep Grand Cherokee is, it's overdue for a replacement after more than a decade on the market. We have high hopes for the new Grand Cherokee, which is expected to grow slightly and have the option of a plug-in hybrid version.

The Grand Cherokee will no longer be the brand's biggest luxury SUV, though, as the Grand Wagoneer nameplate is set to make a comeback. What we don't know about the new Grand Cherokee yet is how it will look, but artist Nikita Chuyko from Kolesa has come up with some pretty realistic renderings of what the next Grand Cherokee could look like.

Nikita Chuyko/Kolesa
Nikita Chuyko/Kolesa

The frontal aspect looks neat and features the typical Jeep seven-bar grille with a mesh-like design, although it's set a bit lower than on the current model. In the render, the headlamp clusters are slightly slimmer and have a cleaner lower edge than the current version, while the only other change that's quite different is a lower light strip on the bumper that leads into a vertical intake.

Along the sides, the wheel arches have the same square design of the current Grand Cherokee, although the D-pillar's lower kink is a bit sharper. At the back, once more, there are narrower taillights, while a thick chrome bar stretches across the tailgate. Overall, the look is nothing groundbreaking but seems like a perfectly neat, handsome, and sensible update of the existing Grand Cherokee.

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While there are no indications of what the next Grand Cherokee's cabin will look like, the signs are there that it'll be a far more advanced offering than what we have now, with greater screen real estate. It'll need these upgrades to compete with newer rivals like the Ford Explorer.

What we really can't wait for is to experience how the new Grand Cherokee rides, as it's expected to be built on an extended version of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio's platform. The Italian is, of course, one of the best-handling SUVs in any segment, and that combined with a V8-engined Trackhawk version could be something seriously special. Of course, to please Jeep loyalists, it'll also need to be great off-road.

2017-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Dashboard Jeep
2017-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Seat Upholstery Jeep
2017-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Badge Jeep
Source Credits: Kolesa.ru

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