2021 Lexus IS Sport Sedan Already Has A Discount

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Get this: it's not even in showrooms yet.

Lexus wants to get sales of its newly updated BMW 3 Series fighter off to a solid start the moment it arrives in showrooms. The 2021 Lexus IS already has an attractive lease offer on the table many consumers will find quite appealing. CarsDirect has learned there's currently a $3,000 discount in some parts of the US, but even if leasing isn't one's preference, there's also good news.

All trims of the 2021 IS can be financed with a 1.9 percent APR rating for up to 60 months. A 72-month option at 2.9 percent is also available. As for leasing, if you live in the Southern part of the country then you could be eligible for $1,500 in factory lease cash along with a $1,500 loyalty discount.

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In fact, this deal is about equivalent to 1 percent APR, meaning leasing could be the better deal over financing at the moment. But what if you're not from the South? What lease offers are now available? In the central part of the country, there's $1,000 in lease cash and a $1,000 loyalty bonus. Hey, even $2,000 in savings for a new vehicle is pretty good. On the West Coast, the $1,000 loyalty discount is also available but the lease cash amount differs based on trim; the IS 300 has $1,000 while the IS 350 has $1,500.

Now, it's important to bear something else in mind: Lexus could still offer even more attractive deals once national advertising fully gets underway. It's just too soon to know for sure.

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For serious bargain hunters, however, the prospect of nabbing an outgoing 2020 IS for an even better price could be on their minds. If so, they may want to think again. It turns out national inventory is running extremely low, almost to the point where there's nothing left. That's not particularly surprising given that Lexus has been offering upwards of $7,500 in lease incentives.

Basically, it was first come, first served. Pricing for the 2021 IS 300 begins at $39,000 for the RWD variant while opting for AWD raises the amount to $41,000. The new IS 350 starts from $42,900 and AWD brings it to at least $44,900. Expect the new Lexus IS to be in dealerships nationwide very soon.

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