2021 Mercedes S-Class Will Be One Expensive Limo

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UK prices give us an indication of what to expect.

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class was recently unveiled, sporting an evolutionary design and a massive push towards modern technology. Still regarded by many as the embodiment of luxury, the new S-Class is using tech in all the best ways, enhancing ride comfort by means of new camera-based active suspension, and redefining interior opulence. But how much will it all cost? While we can't tell you exactly how much Mercedes-Benz USA will ask for the privilege of owning one, we now have a pretty good idea, as pricing has been revealed for the UK-specification S-Class.

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In Britain, the 2021 S-Class starts at £78,705 - approximately $100,000 at current exchange rates. There's a caveat, though, as that base price is for the S350d, a diesel derivative not available stateside. In the US, the base of the S-Class range will be the S500 4Matic. This derivative is priced at £89,105 - or $113,327 in US currency. In all likelihood, the S500 will be a little cheaper once it lands in the US, though. The 2020 S500, for example, is priced at approximately $112,000 in the UK, while in the States, even the more powerful S560 starts at only $104,450.

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One could consider differing spec levels, but the US is subject to different taxes, which is why a number of vehicles are markedly cheaper in the US than in other parts of the world. As for US specifications, this has been confirmed. The US will receive the S500 and the S580 - the former with a mild-hybrid 3.0-liter inline-six developing 429 hp, and the latter with a mild-hybrid twin-turbo V8 churning out 496 hp before electrical augmentation. These models will be available in either Luxury Line, AMG Line, or Executive Line guise, the latter exclusive to the S580, but all of which are highly equipped. With dealer stock expected to arrive during the first half of 2021, US pricing will likely only be made available in the new year.

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