2021 Toyota Camry Hybrid Costs Less Than Last Year

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What about the non-hybrid models?

Despite the continued popularity rise of crossovers, the Toyota Camry sedan remains steady. Sales have decreased in recent years, not because the latest generation Camry isn't a good vehicle (quite the opposite), but rather due to the crossover competition, much of it from Toyota itself. Last year, a total of 336,978 Camrys were sold in the US. The RAV4, however, sold 448,068 units. Moving into the 2021 model year, which sees the Camry receive the Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 suite of driver-assist systems (such as pre-collision intersection support, emergency assist steering, and adaptive cruise control) as standard and some exterior tweaks, there's also an unusual price change, specifically for the Camry Hybrid.

According to information obtained by Roadshow, instead of a price increase, the Camry Hybrid will actually see a price decrease of $1,160 compared to 2020.

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The 2021 Camry Hybrid will now start at $28,265 including the $995 destination fee. The situation is even better for the SE trim as it receives a $1,345 price drop while the XLE trim sees a $560 reduction, beginning at $33,165. Meanwhile, the new top-of-the-line XSE trim will begin at $33,715.

As for the rest of the Camry lineup, meaning the non-hybrid gasoline-powered models, there are no price drops but rather minor increases ranging from $315 to $415. There are two exceptions: the sporty Camry TRD, which has a $1,015 increase to $33,180, and the base LE, which remains unchanged from last year with a $25,965 base price.

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Regardless of trim, AWD is a $1,400 option. But the most expensive Camry variant is the V6 model. The XSE V6 begins at a hefty $36,540. Now, all of this information has yet to be officially announced and, therefore, could change, though we doubt it.

Assuming there are no unexpected delays, the 2021 Camry lineup will enter production sometime this month and dealerships will begin receiving shipments not long afterward.

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Source Credits: Roadshow

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