2022 Beijing Auto Show Under Serious Threat

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The pandemic isn't finished harming the automotive industry yet.

Just over two years ago, humanity was dealt a rather undesirable set of cards. The pandemic brought the entire world to a standstill, as the contagious virus crept across the globe like an itchy blanket. Life as we knew it came to an end, with events such as auto shows relegated to a pre-Covid past.

Thankfully, as America and many other nations seem to be returning to normality, motoring-related events have made a comeback. For example, the New York Auto Show is set to commence in April, following an unfortunate two-year pause. While this is great news, other motor shows haven't been so lucky. Due to a sharp uptick of coronavirus cases in China, the 2022 Beijing Auto Show is expected to be canceled.

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Automotive News China gleaned insight into the pending decision, with insiders telling the publication that plans are afoot to postpone the biennial auto show. Local press coverage points to rescheduling in June. China is currently battling the biggest wave of Covid-19 cases since the pandemic was first discovered. As such, lockdown and public safety measures have been enforced, effectively banning gatherings of large crowds.

The reasons behind the potential cancellation are logical but still disappointing. The eagerly awaited BMW i7 and new 7 Series were set to debut at the Beijing Auto Show. However, the Munich-based automaker could use next month's NY Auto Show to reveal the new 7 range. Rivals Mercedes-Benz was set to show off its EQS electric SUV at the Chinese expo and will now have to make alternate plans.

2023 BMW i7 Grill BMW 2023 BMW i7 Headlights BMW 2023 BMW i7 Front View Driving BMW 2023 BMW i7 Driving Back View BMW
2023 BMW i7 Grill
2023 BMW i7 Headlights
2023 BMW i7 Front View Driving
2023 BMW i7 Driving Back View

Ironically, while most motor shows were being canceled in 2020, the Beijing Auto Show went ahead as planned. With the world's motoring press and gearheads unable to travel to China, some manufacturers set up clever ways for people to still experience the show while in government-mandated lockdowns. Porsche offered a virtual tour of its Beijing stand, allowing you to effectively experience its new models through your smartphone or computer.

If the 2022 Beijing Auto Show is canceled, we hope it is postponed to a later date in the year as China is fast becoming carmakers' most important market.

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2023 BMW i7 Grill 2023 BMW i7 Headlights 2023 BMW i7 Front View Driving 2023 BMW i7 Driving Back View

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