2022 Chevrolet COPO Camaro Packs A 9.3-Liter Big Block V8

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Who says GM forgot about internal combustion?

A recent rumor suggests the next-generation Camaro will be an all-electric sedan rather than a V8 muscle car. This may happen, but it ain't happening today. The last Camaro Z28 used a 7.0-liter LS7 V8, but Chevy just said, "hold my beer" to itself by bringing back the Big Block, in this case a new 572-cubic-inch (9.37-liter) V8 engine. It will find a home in the 2022 Chevrolet Camaro, which will spawn a new COPO (Central Office Production Order) variant, channeling the spirit of the 1969 original with a Big Block.

The new COPO 572 includes a cast-iron block with four-bolt main caps, aluminum heads, a forged steel crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods, and forged aluminum pistons. Chevy currently offers two versions of the 572 as crate motors, with one offering 621 horsepower and the other producing 727 hp. Unfortunately, we expect the COPO Camaro to produce less because it's being positioned as an entry-level model.

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Chevy built the 2022 COPO Camaro for drag racing only, meaning you can not drive it legally on the street. The car is eligible for NHRA Stock and Super Stock eliminators and includes a carbon fiber hood plus a wheelie bar. Owners can option a trunk-mounted weight box and parachute if desired.

In addition to the new Big Block, two other LSX-based Small Block engines are available. A 350-cubic-inch (5.7-liter) supercharged V8 produces 580 hp, while a larger 427-cubic-inch (7.0-liter) naturally aspirated V8 delivers 470 hp. No matter which engine you choose, power goes out through an ATI Racing Products TH400 three-speed automatic transmission.

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Chevy will likely bring the 2022 COPO Camaro to this year's SEMA Show, along with over a dozen custom builds. If you are in Las Vegas, you can catch a glimpse of the Big Block glory. Pricing for the COPO 572 starts at $105,500, not including tax, title, license, and dealer fees. Order books are open now, with buyers able to tour Chevy's Oxford, Michigan factory where the cars are built. Chevy has built fewer than 700 COPO Camaros since the program restarted in 2012, so this is bound to be a rare vehicle. Plus, it's the first one to receive a Big Block.

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