2022 Ford Bronco Order Books Have An Opening Date

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Get your checkbooks ready.

The Ford Bronco has undoubtedly been one of the hottest new vehicles of 2021. Despite a few hiccups along the way, Ford has a lot to be proud of and off-road enthusiasts have years of joy ahead of them. It's a true win-win. The Bronco's popularity was so high late last summer that Ford was forced to stop accepting orders online and from dealers. Both two- and four-door models were affected. In other words, the order books were closed for the reborn SUV's first model year. Fortunately, that'll soon change.

According to the Bronco6G forum, model year 2022 online ordering will get underway on October 13 for the general public. This is great news not only because more people can get in on the fun, but also because a certain Bronco variant is expected to arrive very soon.

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The 2022 Bronco Raptor was previously confirmed by the Blue Oval for a 2022 debut. Two other new trims are expected as well. Specific details remain under lock and key but it shouldn't be too much longer until they're revealed.

The temporary Bronco ordering pause has given Ford the necessary time to sort some problematic things out, specifically quality control problems involving the hardtops. The ongoing semiconductor chip shortage remains a headache as well, but it's not exclusive to the Bronco. No major changes are expected for 2022 aside from the aforementioned new variants and a few new exterior paint colors.

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The automaker is currently evaluating whether to export the Bronco to Europe but, again, it needs to first resolve any outstanding production issues. Beyond 2022, Ford is reportedly now in the early stages of planning the SUV's mid-life refresh, due in 2025. It's far too early to accurately predict what Ford has in store aside from the usual exterior and interior styling enhancements. One thing we wouldn't be surprised to see is a plug-in hybrid variant.

Ford has yet to confirm the October 13 date but it sounds about right given that 2022 models from all automakers are now arriving in dealers nationwide.

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