2022 Ford Maverick Orders Being Bumped To 2023

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Buyers are going to have to be patient but waiting will come with some benefits.

The Ford Maverick has been a runaway success thus far, and people can't seem to get enough of this highly affordable, supremely economical, and seriously cute compact pickup. But massive demand is causing headaches for Ford, who can't seem to keep these trucks on dealer lots. Back in January, Ford suspended all Maverick EcoBoost orders until the summer of 2022, after closing the order books for the hybrid in November of 2021. Since Ford adopted a direct sales method, dealer stock of Maverick trucks has become scarcer than an honest politician, and now it is being reported that unscheduled 2022 Maverick order holders could have to wait for 2023 model year trucks.

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Tons of interest has clogged up Ford's schedules, and it looks like 2022 order holders won't get their trucks in time, as the Hermosillo Assembly plant starts to switch over to the 2023 model year. Ford has not shared any information regarding production delays, but it's safe to assume that ongoing global logistics backlogs and chip shortages continue to plague most manufacturers. That and the fact that the demand is simply too high. Certain optional packages such as the XLT and Lariat Luxury packages and the Ford Co-Pilot360 option have been blamed in the past for holding back production.

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As an incentive for order holders to wait out the delay, Ford is expected to send out special discounts that will lock in 2022 model year prices for 2023 order conversions. This news will frustrate 2022 Maverick order holders, but there is a silver lining: new model years bring new features, new packages and new versions, which could end up benefiting those who have the patience to wait out the delay. Ford will start taking orders for the 2023 model year in August, with production starting on October 24. If patience isn't one of your strong suits, there are hundreds of Hyundai dealers begging to sell you a Santa Cruz.

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