2022 GMC Hummer EV Screen Animations Look Like A Video Game

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In a first for the auto industry, the Hummer EV's user interface is powered by Unreal Engine.

A lot of GMC's marketing for the new Hummer EV has focused on its mind-blowing performance and off-roading prowess, but the high-tech interior is arguably just as impressive. Step inside the 2022 Hummer EV and you'll find a large 13.4-inch touchscreen infotainment display with an Android operating system and a 12.3-inch diagonal driver information center display.

In a first for the auto industry, the Hummer EV's infotainment display is powered by Unreal Engine, which is better known as the engine that powers many graphically impressive video games like Fortnight, Mass Effect and Gears of War. We were curious to find out how GMC will use Unreal Engine, and now we know.


On Instagram, GMC has shared a short video showing some of the visually stunning animations that appear on the driver interface when switching through the various driving modes. In 'Off Road' mode, for example, the Hummer EV is shown driving on a dirt road, while the 'Trailering' mode shows it driving on a smooth road while towing a trailer.

'Terrain' mode shows the Hummer EV climbing up rocky terrain, while the standard 'Touring' mode shows it driving on the surface of the moon, one of many Lunar-inspired details found inside the Hummer EV. GMC clearly proud of the Hummer EV's unique driver interface animations, which "are as incredible as the places it will take you" according to the automaker.

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These are undoubtedly some of the coolest in-car animations we've seen on a user interface, even if they are rather gimmicky. The video makes it clear that the animations are simulated and the "actual production model may vary," so they may not be as graphically intense in the production model.

The Hummer EV isn't the only upcoming electric pickup with gimmicky interior technology, either. According to recent patent filings, the Tesla Cybertruck will be equipped with eye-tracking mirrors and an air conditioning system that changes the temperature by tracking the passengers.

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