2022 Honda Civic Touring For Sale Has Driven Further Than The Moon In Under 2 Years

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We can't think of what the original owner used this car for to gather this many miles in 16 months.

The 11th-generation Honda Civic Sedan has only been on sale since last year, but already, someone has managed to rack up nearly 250,000 miles behind the wheel.

The Civic has developed a reputation for having powertrains that can last one million miles and more, which is accredited to why the brand maintains demand that outpaces production capacity in the USA. It appears that for the current generation, this may still be true as a 2022 example has been listed for sale right here on CarBuzz by a dealer in Dallas, Texas with 248,740 miles on the odo. We thought this could have been a typo when the listing was uploaded, but a picture of the car's digital instrument cluster shows a 248,816-mile figure; check it out for yourself here.

The Honda Civic that covered such a preposterous but at the same time impressive distance in such a short time is a flagship Touring trim finished in Rallye Red which currently starts at $29,650 MSRP but is being sold here for an understandably lower price of $18,999.

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The question is whether this is a bargain purchase or too much of a risk to take. Honda's standard service plan covers two years or 24,000 miles at 12,000-mile intervals. A quick look at the CarFax history shows that this model was professionally serviced every 9,000 miles, equating to a total of 27 services in 16 months.

We are not too sure what the original driver used this car for, but the mileage covered is almost unfathomable. At least they were responsible with their Civic and ensured that maintenance was routinely carried out. The Civic Touring employs Honda's turbocharged 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine which is based on its L-series engine family. This has developed the reputation of being the brand's most reliable internal combustion engine since it was introduced in 2001 for the Honda Fit.

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More impressive than this is the fact that its CVT has lasted as long as it did. To cover this kind of mileage, just 10,000 miles further than Earth's distance from the Moon, we have to assume that the Civic here stuck to prominently highway driving, allowing the brand's self-shifter to benefit from a consistently low load. Based on these images, the car we see here appears to be in amazing cosmetic condition, too, with only a small dent in the rear left door to be noticed.

We can't deny this is a once-in-a-while kind of listing, as we're usually used to seeing low-mileage exotics that come up for sale with truly outlandish price tags. Seeing someone use their car to such an extent without significant cosmetic wear brings a smile to our faces.

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The Civic Touring being sold here is probably the perfect model to cover such a distance in as it comes equipped with all of the standard features you'd need to feel comfortable, including a comprehensive driver assistance package, navigation, the Bose sound system, and electrically adjustable heated seats.

With the owner making the decision to get rid of this car, we ponder whether they opted to purchase another Honda Civic Touring. We may find out in 16 months' time if yet another example comes up for sale with a similar mileage figure. We're also pondering whether Honda has taken note of this listing as some of its upcoming electric products may not be able to stretch these distances until the correct infrastructure is implemented.

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