2022 Subaru WRX Just Got A LOT More Interesting

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Please let this happen.

The all-new Subaru WRX is almost here. September 10 is the big day, though the rally-inspired sedan was initially set to arrive this week at this year's now-canceled 2021 New York Auto Show. Full details are coming very soon. Today, however, an interesting piece of information has sprung up, courtesy of Australian publication CarExpert. It turns out the Japanese automaker is strongly considering a plan to bring back the WRX wagon, which was last sold in the US back in 2007. Doing so wouldn't be hard.

The new Subaru Levorg performance wagon already exists and it's already a wagon version of the upcoming sedan. "The Levorg has proven itself as a niche performance wagon, and will morph into something slightly different in its next generation," said a Subaru Australia spokesperson.

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The next-generation Levorg is also set to debut in the very near future Down Under and will reportedly come powered by the same 2.4-liter turbocharged Boxer four-cylinder that'll be fitted to the WRX. That means a total of about 300 horsepower. No word yet whether the next Levorg will have a CVT only or offer a six-speed manual, but in many markets, the previous Levorg shared the WRX's motor, but only had the rubbery auto. The new WRX will be available with both gearboxes.

Since the new WRX and Levorg are so similar, wouldn't it be possible to bring the latter stateside resulting in a reborn WRX wagon? We'd like to think that but, as of now, Subaru doesn't appear to have any plans for doing so.

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In general, wagons have lost popularity in the US for a number of reasons, mainly crossovers and SUVs. But Subaru is the only major OEM to have found success with them in America, and it's called the Outback. Officially classified as a crossover, the Outback has always been a slightly raised wagon-ized version of the Legacy sedan. The Impreza also serves as the basis for the WRX, WRX STI, Levorg, and the Crosstrek.

The point is that a WRX wagon/Levorg WRX is totally doable in America and there'd surely be some very happy and anxious customers. Question is whether there'd be enough. Hopefully, the upcoming Levorg WRX in Australia will cause a stir in our part of the world and give Subaru management something to think about.

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Source Credits: CarExpert

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