2022 Toyota Tundra Could Go Hybrid

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Not just hybrid, but diesel hybrid.

Just a couple of days ago, Toyota USA released a video on YouTube explaining how a diesel engine works, which we thought was a little odd. Why would Toyota release a video on diesels when nothing in its current lineup is powered by such an engine? The timing is interesting too because this video comes as the automaker has begun releasing teasers for the new Toyota Tundra's features, some of which are new and some of which are old. This had us thinking that a diesel engine may be coming to the Tundra, but thanks to new rumors from Japan, there may be more than one surprise where a Toyota diesel is concerned.

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We've covered many stories over the past year or two that explain how many manufacturers are killing off their diesel engines, but a rumor from Best Car Web in Japan says that Toyota may be looking at saving the engine type with a hybrid diesel-electric. Why? Well, as Toyota moves towards electrification, a gap will exist as to what will power its off-roaders like the Land Cruiser and its commercial vehicles, and the report claims that a diesel-electric hybrid is to be developed for these specifically. This would make sense since diesels inherently offer excellent torque and range, and electric motors in hybrids typically work to bolster both.

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Sadly, there's not much substance to the rumor; all we are told is that one of the website's representatives regularly visits dealerships for new information, and dealers aren't typically the first to know about the development of new powertrain solutions. Still, it's not impossible to conceive of, and the technology is not new either. BMW is creating new hybrid diesel engines, and the likes of Kia and Mercedes have made such a thing work too. So ultimately, we'll have to wait and see what the truth turns out to be, but if we're right, the next Toyota Tundra will have a very special powertrain.

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