2022 Toyota Tundra Gets 3-Inch Lift Kit From TRD

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Toyota even offers a warranty on the dealer-installed option.

Toyota will now sell one of the Toyota Tundra's most popular modifications from the factory, courtesy of Toyota Racing Development (TRD).

The modification we're talking about is, of course, a lift kit. The kit was previewed on the current Tundra at SEMA last year, and now Toyota has put it into production and on sale.

The kit raises the new Tundra by 3.0-inches in front and 2.0-inches in back. Toyota also says that the kit is available nationwide as a dealer-installed option, meaning you can pick up your new pickup with the kit already on it.

No more throwing wrenches across the driveway because you can't get the control arms off. We recommend going for a test drive in a stock model first because the standard suspension is one of our favorite elements of the new car.

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Toyota says it built the kit to work in harmony with the standard Toyota Safety Sense, which is Toyota's suite of active safety features, consisting of features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist.

"We have designed this kit to work seamlessly with the Tundra's standard features, retain all Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) functionality, maintain similar stock driving dynamics by creating a kit with a high center of gravity and provide a look and feel customers want with a lift," Mikhal el Arculli, TRD principal engineer said.

The kit itself is comprised of Bilstein monotube shocks and TRD's own springs. The setup is then tuned by TRD for the Tundra.

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Per TRD, the shocks feature digressive pistons that will provide low-speed body control and high-speed stability.

Translated from mechanical engineering, it means the truck won't roll and pitch all over the road at high speed. Toyota also adds new forged upper control arms from renowned tuners, Roush Performance.

Additionally, the kit fits new lower knuckles, stabilizer links, tie rods and sleeves, and drive shafts to the front of the car. Also added are extended brake hoses and rear spring spacers. Toyota tells us approach angle increases from 21.0 to 26.0 degrees and the departure angle from 24.0 to 25.0 degrees.

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The kit is available for 2022 and newer Tundra iFORCE and iFORCE Max 4x4 models with either the 5.5- or 6.5-foot bed.

However, it is not compatible with TRD Pro or Sport trucks with adaptive suspension or air suspension. As with all TRD accessories, Toyota offers a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty on parts if it is installed prior to or at the time of the sale. If you buy one after you buy your Tundra, the warranty is one year, regardless of mileage.

The new TRD lift kit retails for $3,995 before labor.

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