2022 Toyota Tundra Will Keep Its Coolest Feature

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It will still have that amazing airy cabin.

The 2022 Toyota Tundra is nearly upon us, and Toyota isn't going to let an ill-timed leak spoil its teaser campaign for the all-new truck. We already know what the Tundra will look like on the outside, so Toyota is having fun teasing smaller details like what's under the hood and the all-new interior. Toyota previously showed a not-so revealing image of the windshield, giving us an obscured look at the new infotainment screen.

In the latest teaser, Toyota confirmed the new Tundra would retain a stand-out feature from the outgoing model, a sliding rear window. A new image shows off the Tundra's dual-pane panoramic roof, a new feature for this truck. Behind it, the glass window slides down completely, creating an airy cabin experience.

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Every Tundra since the first generation model has contained a sliding rear window, so we're happy to see Toyota keep it for the third generation. In addition to providing an open feeling in the cab, the sliding rear window is useful for long items that extend beyond the bed. The panoramic roof and sliding rear glass are the focal points for the teaser, but we also spotted some sporty red leather, another new option for the Tundra. This is the fourth teaser for the new Tundra, and Toyota's official website says there are still four more to come before the official reveal.

Toyota Toyota Toyota

This most recent teaser included the tagline, "Sky's the limit... Tundra is all-new for 2022 - see the truck in a new light, coming this fall." When it arrives, we expect the Tundra to come powered by a new i-Force Max twin-turbocharged V6, shared with the new Toyota Land Cruiser. In the Land Cruiser, the boosted V6 produces 409 horsepower and 479 pound-feet, going out through a 10-speed automatic. The first new Tundra in over a decade should be an exciting reveal.

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