2023 Ford Bronco Finally Gets The Option Owners Want

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At long last, you can paint your Bronco roof.

Ford has had all sorts of issues with the Bronco. It was, for a while, the poster child of dealer markups, product shortages, and the general aftermath of the pandemic within the auto industry. Ford even had to recall the car's roof after its supplier Webasto, dropped the ball. Now, things are returning to normal, and one highly requested option will finally be available on the 2023 Ford Bronco: a painted roof. Initially, both Wildtrak and First Edition trims were going to come with a black painted roof as standard. That, as we know, never happened.

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A leak on the BroncoNation forum showed changes for the 2023 model year (which are very minimal), and the roof was on then. This comes after years of delays. Initially, Ford sent out an email stating that the black painted roof would instead be optional, then delaying the item until 2022.

Frankly, now was the time, and the writing was on the wall for the option. Ford recently showed off the Bronco Heritage Edition, which came with a white roof. It'll be an option for the 2023 MY, so it makes sense that Ford would show that now, ready to offer painted roofs more broadly than to roll out sooner or later than the 2023 MY.

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2021-2022 Ford Bronco Front-End Bumper

Ford has also added some new exterior colors for 2023, including Azure Gray Metallic Tri-Coat and the two colors available on the Heritage Edition. Those are Yellowstone and Robin's Egg Blue. Unfortunately, we'll be losing Cyber Orange and Desert Sand. Additionally, it appears that the Heritage Edition's white hardtop will be available across the lineup, with the Ford missive reading "Modular hardtop - Oxford White painted (std; late availability)." We know it won't be coming until later in the cycle next year, then, but the option will still be there.

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However, it's unclear which version of the Bronco can get the white roof. What we do know is you'll need to order a Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Badlands, or Wildtrak car for the black modular hardtop. As for the car's Dual Tops, those can be painted as well on the aforementioned trims as well. Notably, Ford has said that the sound-deadening headliner won't be included with the car's Carbonized Gray hardtops. With the leak now out in the wild, we expect Ford to detail any as-yet unnamed changes to the lineup within the next few months. It is already September, after all.

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