2023 Ford Maverick Orders Will Begin On This Date

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Time to start playing with the online configurator again.

We still firmly stand by our proclamation that the Ford Maverick is the small pickup truck Subaru should have built. The Subaru Baja is long gone and that's that. Ford is not complaining. As we know so well, the Maverick has been a phenomenal hit for the Blue Oval, particularly the entry-level hybrid model. Ford has quietly admitted it was caught somewhat off-guard regarding the hybrid's high demand; a $20,000 compact pickup truck with an EPA-rated 40 mpg is bound to be successful and the people have spoken. The optional EcoBoost 2.0-liter (the only way you can currently get the Maverick with AWD) is a fine choice, too.

But unfortunately, the truck's popularity forced Ford to suspend all orders last month for the 2022 model year.

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It's not a terrible problem to have but will definitely frustrate many customers. The good news is that Ford will start taking orders for the 2023 model sometime this summer and now, thanks to the folks at the Maverick Truck Club forum, we know when those orders will be accepted again. The magic date is August 16, 2022. Production is slated to get underway on October 24. CarBuzz has reached out to Ford seeking confirmation for these dates and we'll update this space if we receive a response.

The post does note these dates are subject to change as supplier issues and other related factors come into play. But in general, a mid-August production start sounds about right.

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That will provide sufficient time if there's any re-tooling necessary at the Hermosillo factory in Mexico, the same facility that builds the Bronco Sport. It shares the Maverick's C2 platform. If you remain desperate to buy a Maverick and cannot wait until the summer, then you'll have to find one available on a dealership lot somewhere.

Also don't be surprised to see these examples selling for a few thousand bucks above sticker; low supply means high demand. Ford highly discourages markups and CEO Jim Farley recently issued a warning to dealers to stop doing this or face punishment. They're highly unlikely to be shut down but they could be excluded from receiving also in-demand new models like the F-150 Lightning.

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