2023 GMC Hummer EV's New 3X Trim Achieves Even Better Range

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Up to 355 miles in the pickup.

GMC has announced new 3X trim and range estimates for the Hummer EV Pickup and SUV. We've known the Hummer EV was meant to get the 3X trim, but now we're finally able to see what it will entail as it slots in under the Edition 1. The new range estimates are even more interesting though, as GM claims the 3X Pickup will achieve up to 355 miles on a full charge making it the trim to get if you're looking for range.

The Hummer EV Pickup is having a slow rollout, but it's hit the market all the same. The SUV version will hit lots later this year, and in that time the company will also release lower output versions that will help keep the vehicle's current $108,000 price down somewhat. It's still yet to be seen how much of a seller the vehicle will be, but after having driven it we've found the vehicle to be a flawed but technologically impressive proposition.

2024 GMC Hummer SUV Forward View GMC
2024 GMC Hummer SUV Rear Angle View GMC

The new 355-mile range beats out the current Edition 1's 329 miles of range, so it's a pretty decent step up. The SUV will then achieve an EPA-estimated 314 miles of range. These numbers are achieved with the 3X's standard 22-inch tires and tri-motor setup. The Edition 1 comes with this off-road package explaining the range deficit. When the SUV debuts though, the off-road package will hurt range even more, with estimates falling to 298 miles.

The reason the Extreme Off-Road package is so detrimental to the range comes down to the 18-inch wheels and 35-inch Mud-Terrain tires. The rest of the package consists of underbody cameras, additional skidplates, and rocker protection, but we doubt this adds too much more weight to the vehicle's already astronomical 9,000 lb curb weight; a number that will only increase with the SUV.

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The 22-inch wheels come with 35-inch all-terrain tires and are exclusive to the 3X trim. The trim also receives a slightly less potent version of the tri-motor setup producing 830 hp and 1,200 lb-ft of torque. There isn't a whole lot more information about what else the package will bring, but we imagine it will just have fewer features than the Edtion 1 and cost a few thousand less.

Even with slightly less power, we imagine the vehicle will still be plenty fast and that's important because its quickness in a straight line is really its only standout feature. The interior isn't befitting of a $100,000 car, it costs a ton to charge it in a timely manner, and the vehicle feels every bit of 9,000 lbs. We have no doubt it'll be great off-roading, but how many owners will actually take their super expensive vehicle off the beaten path?

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2024 GMC Hummer SUV Rear Angle View
2024 GMC Hummer SUV Forward View
2024 GMC Hummer SUV Dashboard
2023 GMC Hummer Front Angle View
2023 GMC Hummer Cargo Capacity

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