2023 Honda Civic Type R Costs $7,000 More Than GR Corolla

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It had better set some impressive lap times.

The 2023 Honda Civic Type R hits dealers this month, and pricing for the newest iteration of its iconic performance car is finally available.

For the 2023 model year, the Type R is priced at $42,895. Compare that to last year's Type R, and you'll see the new car is a good chunk more expensive than the previous model. Once you start adding some official Honda modifications for the new model, expect to pay even more.

In 2021, a brand-new Type R cost $37,895 if you were lucky enough to get one at sticker price. That means the new Civic Type Ri is $5,000 more expensive than the model it replaces.

We can also go a step beyond that. In 2020, Honda released a track-focused Type R, of which only 600 were made. The price of that model at the time was $43,995. Let's hope the new Type R can at least post similar lap times to the track special.

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It's also interesting to note that the Type R costs roughly the same as the GR Corolla Circuit Edition. The GR Core model, a more direct rival to the Honda, costs a mere $35,900.

Honda also provided fuel economy figures for the new Type R. The new car loses one mile per gallon combined, per the EPA. The new R will do 22/28/24 mpg, city, highway, and combined. For reference, the last Type R could do 22/28/25 mpg.

"The all-new 2023 Civic Type R embodies Honda's challenging spirit, leveraging our deep roots in competition with racetrack-proven engineering to deliver thrilling performance both on the road and on the racetrack," said Mamadou Diallo, VP of sales at American Honda. "It's the perfect capstone to our 11th-generation Civic lineup, the sportiest, most fun-to-drive Civic in our history."

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It's interesting that Diallo calls the Type R the 11th generation's "capstone."

This could be marketing jargon Honda wants to be pushed out to the public, or it could hint that Honda has no limited edition model planned right now. With the new Type R only just hitting dealerships, we're sure that a track-ready model is still a few years away. The previous model only received its go-faster trim near the end of its lifecycle.

For now, we're pleased with what we've seen so far. Honda didn't need to do much to make the new CTR great, and by all appearances, it has made all the little changes customers complained about concerning the old car, including the over-the-top styling.

We'll be able to tell you what it's like to drive very soon.

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