2023 Hyundai Accent Coming With More Striking Design

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A redesign was long overdue.

The Hyundai Accent is a great little sedan, despite the fact that the current model is no longer available with a manual. But while most Hyundai vehicles have been catapulting forward by striking new designs that grab your attention, the humble Accent has been forgotten about. Its styling has barely evolved in the last decade, and that's a pity. Fortunately, although Hyundai is focusing on a number of new ventures, the Korean automaker is addressing dreary design one model at a time with refreshed versions of existing offerings. Finally, the Accent is going to look smarter, but in what ways exactly is unclear.

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It's difficult to see what the changes will be with such effective camouflage, but outlines do help us glean some details. The Accent (sold as the Verna in some markets), appears to be getting a wider front grille design that will merge with the headlights. This will likely be executed in a similar manner to the headlight and grille design seen on the Elantra, but in this case, it seems that split headlights may feature, just as they do on so many other modern Hyundais. Some love this styling trait while others hate it, but it certainly helps make identifying a new Hyundai easier.

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The profile of the car doesn't appear to have changed very much and will retain a traditional trunk opening rather than a fastback hatch. Not much more is clear, but our sources say that we should expect 1.5-liter gasoline and diesel engines to feature for various markets, both of which are likely to be offered with mild-hybrid technology. We don't know if these new models will be sold with the option of a manual gearbox, but since this is not a premium car and is unlikely to ever receive performance upgrades from Hyundai's N division, we wouldn't bet on anything other than an automatic, be it a traditional torque converter or a CVT. A reveal is expected at the end of this year or early in 2023.

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