2023 Lamborghini Diamante Is A Turbine Electric Marvel

Probably more than a mere 10 years away, but we still want one now.

Imagining the Lamborghini of the future, a new flagship model to be introduced a decade from now, is really quite a difficult thing to do. Lamborghinis sell precisely because they are already insane and futuristic-looking. But designer Thomas Granjard has managed, with his 2023 Lamborghini Diamante concept. The body is covered in sharp-edged active aerodynamic panels, and even the side mirrors have been replaced by more aerodynamic cameras in the wheel arches.

The car is powered by a total of four electric motors, with batteries charged by a pair of mirco turbines. And as we’ve seen with the handful of other turbine cars that have been produced, they burn just about anything as fuel. Powered by used cooking oil, this 965-horsepower hypercar would be one of the cleanest vehicles of all time. But so what, it looks badass and would be fast as hell, and that’s really all we ever actually care about in a Lamborghini.

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