2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Has More Power, More Range, And Better Value

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The new hybrid is priced at $39,845.

Last year, Mitsubishi, at long last we might add, updated its flagship Outlander SUV with a new plug-in hybrid variant. It's proved pretty popular, and the Outlander as a whole has proven that Mitsubishi still knows how to build a car. Now, we have confirmed pricing and US specification of the latest iteration of the plug-in Outlander.

The 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV starts at $39,845, and sales here in America are slated for November. According to Mitsubishi's North American CEO, Mark Chaffin, customers have been reserving cars for months, and the brand is excited to begin deliveries.


"The 2023 Outlander PHEV is the pinnacle of Mitsubishi Motors' engineering," said Chaffin. "With 38 miles of electric range and 420 miles of combined range, this vehicle offers the perfect blend of clean and quiet electric motoring with the ease of refueling and no range anxiety that only a gasoline engine can offer."

In order to hit those range figures, the Outlander uses a 350-volt, 20kWh lithium-ion battery pack mounted under the seats and between the wheelbase of the SUV.

The larger 20kWh battery and larger 14.8-gallon fuel tank are a large part of the reason the car will manage 420 miles of range, while the 38-mile electric range is a 40% improvement over the SUV it replaces. It'll also allow you to run high-intensity functions like A/C while solely on battery power for much longer.

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Aside from the battery, power is supplied primarily by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine running the Atkinson combustion cycle for the sake of efficiency. paired with electric motors front and rear for fully-adjustable all-wheel drive, the Outlander PHEV produces a combined 248 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. Interestingly, the front and rear electric motors alone are capable of producing the full output, rated at 114 hp and 134 hp, respectively. If you're confused as to why those outputs don't appear to reflect the combustion motor, it's because the engine effectively acts as a generator supplying the electric motor on the front axle rather than driving the axle directly. Effectively, the Outlander PHEV is an electric vehicle with a gasoline range extender rather than a true hybrid.

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For maximum performance and electric range, the battery can be charged via the onboard DC fast-charger, recuperating 80% charge in 38 minutes. Alternatively, you can run the engine in charge mode while the vehicle is parked, which lets the engine recharge the battery.

The new model comes with the brand's Mi-Pilot system, which consists of adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, and speed limit detection. It also gets a grand total of seven drive modes, which include Normal, Tarmac, Gravel, Snow, Mud, Power, and Eco.

Even more details will be published on October 12 at 7 PM EST when the official US unveiling takes place.

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