2023 Porsche 911 Carrera Coming With Sharp New Look

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The facelifted sports coupe will be getting some significant aesthetic changes.

To those who aren't hardcore Porsche 911 fanatics, it may seem like there have been a number of recent articles covering spy shots of the same model, but in fact, the German automaker has been refreshing its entire 911 range. Some models are making a return while others are all-new. At one end of the spectrum, Porsche is working on the mad, track-focused GT3 RS, but at the other exists the base 911 Carrera.

That's the model that our spy photographers have captured most recently, and the images show that the entry-level 911 will be getting a comprehensive collection of visual changes.

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Although the overall shape will likely never change, Porsche does like playing with fascias, and this new imagery shows that active aerodynamics will be a noteworthy upgrade for the 992.2 911. Those shuttered grilles in the front bumper look rather awkward at present, but we're sure that they'll look more refined as the production-spec 911 draws nearer. We've spotted similar shutters on the new Macan EV that is also currently undergoing development testing, so it's definitely going to be an identifying characteristic that will make spotting a facelifted model a lot easier.

Other things we can glean include the fully digital dash, but since the 911 test mule in question was in motion, we couldn't get any clear shots of it. As for those strange corner indicators, fear not - these are certainly temporary and exist in this form only to hide the true design of the production model.

At the rear, it appears that the engine's top-mounted vents will be refined while the taillight design looks like it'll be far more futuristic, adopting a floating aesthetic that catapults the design forward while still maintaining that classic Porsche feel.

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Speaking of classic design cues, those rear wheels appear to be the 10-spoke items originally offered on the first, E1-chassis Porsche Cayenne, so don't expect to see either these or the front wheels fitted to the production 992.2.

Interestingly, it appears that the diffuser is being redesigned and will now feature center-exit exhaust tips, although these aren't as close together as on the GT3 and may be separated by a Formula 1-style fog light. An inside source at Weissach claims the facelifted 992 911 will get the 4.0-liter naturally aspirated engine as seen in the Cayman GT4, so this could be that model rather than the base Carrera. Louvered vents will further bolster the aggressive design.

Hopefully, we'll start seeing more revealing photos soon, but Porsche's decision to use black paint for its test cars is annoyingly brilliant, especially since design changes are generally minor. In any case, the wait shouldn't be too long; the 992.2 Porsche 911 is expected to debut this year as a 2023 model.

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