2023 Porsche 911 Dakar Configurator Has Some Weird Options

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It turns out you can't advertise cigarettes on the side of someone's car.

While we wait patiently for the new Porsche configurator to arrive, Porsche has at least given us something to do in the meantime. We wasted time and thoroughly enjoyed configuring the perfect Porsche 911 Dakar, and now that the configurator is live, we can share some of the car's better (and stranger) option packages.

We didn't bother to price out the off-road-ready Dakar, seeing as it's a limited-run car and already so pricey, but for the curious, our spec came out to $245,010, of which $3,270 came from the Shade Green Metallic paint.

However, Porsche does offer a Rothman's inspired Rallye Design Package for a whopping $23,920 that includes a carbon roof, bucket seats, and loads of other rally-inspired nods.

Porsche Car Configurator Porsche Car Configurator

We say skip that noise - every Hakkinen hack at Cars and Coffee will have one. The thinking man's Dakar is green with white wheels (the latter is a no-cost option). However, $1,800 for titanium wheel bolts seems a bit excessive. But why not? We should also point out you can still opt to have Paint-to-Sample done, for an extra $12,830.

Still, the Rothman's-ish livery is by far the quirkiest part of the 911 Dakar. Porsche can't advertise cigarettes, because, well, cancer, but it can put Roughroads on the side of the car and hope no one notices. Additionally, 911 product line VP Frank Moser told CarBuzz at the LA Auto Show that the livery is another 30 hours of hand-building.

With that Rallye Design Package, customers can also add their personal choice of racing number to the side of the car, though we didn't see any choice for the roof rack seen on the car during its debut. Unfortunate.

Porsche Car Configurator Porsche Car Configurator

Porsche also offers three unique liveries for the Dakar based on previous rally wins. Each is named for the year the 911 won and ranges in price from $5,260 to $7,510.

Regardless, many of Porsche's more standard offerings are still present in the Dakar configurator. You can basically have your car any way you want it. Porsche has built a business around this, and the same applies here. We got comfort seats with stitching to match the exterior, for example.

Notably, you can order a carbon fiber roof separate from the Rallye Design Package. It's a four-figure sum, but $3,890 isn't terrible considering the labor involved in installing a roof.

So, what do you think of our spec? Is it too tame? Should we have added that carbon fiber roof? Do white wheels ruin the car? Let us know if you'd change anything about our take on Porsche's first off-road sports car below. Equally important, how would you configure this off-road-ready, limited edition 911?

Porsche Car Configurator Porsche Car Configurator

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