2024 BMW X5 M Is Getting XM Concept-Inspired Grille

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The high-performance SUV is getting some new styling for 2024.

Back in April of last year, we got our first look at a refreshed BMW X5 M. Over the following months, we've spotted various test mules as development ramps up, but these have not given us much insight into the future design direction of the high-performance SUV as most of these pre-production prototypes were wearing plenty of camouflage over fascias that are clearly not intended to make their way to the assembly line.

But now we have a new video courtesy of CarSpyMedia, revealing that the 2024 X5 M (the video says 2023, but MY23 updates have already been applied in the USA sans facelift) will borrow some styling elements from the controversial BMW XM SUV. Before you start groaning, take a look at the images with an open mind; this may be a good thing.

CarSpyMedia/YouTube CarSpyMedia/YouTube CarSpyMedia/YouTube

When the styling of the Concept XM was revealed to us late last year, CarBuzz took a crack at applying some of the strange styling elements of the concept to the regular X5, with surprisingly attractive results. It seems that this may have been BMW's plan for the X5 M all along, as the various test cars spotted in the below video are beginning to reveal some details. At the front, it's now blatantly obvious that the X5 M will have kidney grilles that incorporate the shape of those on the XM in a slightly diminutive fashion. Again, this is no bad thing, and the edgy grilles look brilliant when scaled down.

As you will have realized if you watched the short video, there is more than one prototype on test at the Nurburgring, with one continuing to wear a pre-production front end. The other seems to be hinting at a more angular design for the lower side intakes, which suggests that the kidney grille shape won't be the only element inherited from the XM. The fact that the front fender accents have been wrapped suggests that these will evolve slightly, too, while the rear end will surely feature a sharper fascia to match that of the front.

The headlights and taillights are still well hidden, with the latter made up of more pre-production placeholding components. Nevertheless, it's safe to assume that the graphics will be new. Importantly, the X5 M won't borrow the XM's split-headlight design.

New designs of wheels are also likely when the 2024 model is launched.

CarSpyMedia/YouTube CarSpyMedia/YouTube CarSpyMedia/YouTube CarSpyMedia/YouTube

We don't have a view of the cabin, but it's safe to assume that the latest X5 will get BMW's latest infotainment system, iDrive 8. However, we sincerely hope that Munich's software engineers are taking heed of what journalists and owners have been saying about this system, as it's become more advanced but less intuitive than iDrive 7 ever was.

Under the hood of the X5 M, we expect the S68 4.4-liter V8 to once again motivate the machine. In its current guise for the 2022 model year, this tops out at 617 horsepower for the Competition trim, but it's quite possible that more power will be produced, potentially thanks to a mild-hybrid system. We'll know more about the 2024 updates soon, as BMW M is expected to reveal this and other high-performance models before the end of this year, its 50th in existence.

CarSpyMedia/YouTube CarSpyMedia/YouTube CarSpyMedia/YouTube CarSpyMedia/YouTube

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