2024 Chevrolet Blazer SS EV Arrives With 557 Horsepower

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Will it pass or just keep up with a Tesla Model Y?

Off-road enthusiasts still haven't forgiven General Motors for reviving the Blazer nameplate as a car-based crossover rather than a rugged body-on-frame SUV. Well, it's time to just move on because the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV has just arrived, and it's gunning for the Tesla Model Y, not the Jeep Wrangler or Ford Bronco. After numerous teasers, the all-electric Blazer EV has finally been shown fully with most (but not all) of its important specs and features.

Let's start with the big news, the Chevy Blazer EV receives a performance SS variant producing 557 horsepower and up to 648 lb-ft of torque from two electric motors driving all four wheels. That's more even than the also Ultium-based Cadillac Lyriq.

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The Blazer EV SS borrows the Silverado EV's WOW (Wide Open Watts) mode, enabling a 0-60 mph sprint under four seconds. For reference, that makes the SS quicker than a Tesla Model Y Long Range, but a bit slower than the top line Model Y Performance. Chevy hasn't quoted the battery size, but claims the Blazer EV can travel "up to" 320 miles on a full charge (in RS guise).

In addition to the flagship SS model, the Blazer will come in 1LT, 2LT, and RS trims plus a Police Pursuit Vehicle (PPV) model based on the SS. Chevy says the Blazer EV PPV will have a larger battery than the civilian versions with rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive available. The Blazer PPV also gets the Brembo front brakes from the SS and a police-specific interior.

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Chevy doesn't mention power outputs for the lesser Blazer EV trims, but says customers will have a choice between front-, rear-, and all-wheel-drive configurations. We can't think of any vehicles currently on sale that offer all three. The 1LT is FWD only while the 2LT and RS add optional AWD. Oddly, the RS also comes in RWD (we assume with a different battery size) and the SS is AWD-only.

In terms of charging speeds, the Blazer EV can regain electricity at 11.5kW on a Level 2 outlet or 190kW on a DC fast-charger. Depending on the model, it should replenish around 78 miles in 10 minutes. All owners will have access to the Ultium Charge 360 app, which makes it simpler to charge at various networks.

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It's unclear how many battery sizes will be available, but Chevy published some early range estimates. The base 1LT goes 247 miles, the 2LT increases to 293 miles, the SS goes 290 miles, and the RS offers the longest range at up to 320 miles (we assume with FWD or RWD).

Inside, the Blazer EV features a massive 17.7-inch touchscreen (standard) plus an 11-inch digital gauge cluster. This screen will also contain GM's new Ultifi software platform, which lets owners access new features, apps and services over the air. Chevy makes it easy to find charging stations and plan routes through the MyChevy app, and available hands-free Super Cruise makes the Blazer EV an excellent road trip vehicle.

The midsize cabin offers two rows of spacious seating with a flat floor thanks to the Ultium packaging. RS and SS trims receive unique design cues, including blue and red stitching on the RS, and Adrenaline Red sueded microfiber seats on the SS with optional Argon Orange accents. Both of these upper trims include heated and ventilated front seats plus heated rear seats.

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The Blazer EV is a midsize EV, though we don't have full dimensions to compare it against rival vehicles like the Ford Mustang Mach-E or Tesla Model Y. We can, however, compare it on price. The 2LT and RS go on sale first in summer 2023, priced at $47,595 and $51,995, respectively. The SS arrives later in 2023 priced at $65,995. Finally, the 1LT will go on sale in Q1 2024, starting at $44,995. That's a bit more than the cheapest Mach-E ($43,895), though the Blazer could be larger inside and offer a longer range.

Following the Blazer EV, the Equinox EV will arrive in 2024 with a promised $30,000 starting price.

2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV Forward View Chevrolet Chevrolet Chevrolet Chevrolet Chevrolet Chevrolet
2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV Forward View

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