2024 Ford Mustang Quality Issues Force Production To Stop

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Assembly has reportedly been halted in order to fix things.

Production of the 2024 Ford Mustang was halted late last month and will be down this week due to some quality issues, the Detroit Free Press has learned. A Ford spokesperson confirmed the downtime at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Detroit, Michigan. Build-out of the new Mustang was completed in early April but quality checks apparently revealed some issues that require attention before examples can be shipped to dealerships.

The report claims three key areas are being fixed: body panel fitment issues, some electrical problems that require additional engineering, and V8 valve problems. No additional details were provided.

The same company spokesperson said: "We are committed to ensuring our vehicles are built with the quality our customers deserve and will take the appropriate actions to deliver this commitment."

2024 Ford Mustang Coupe Driving Front Angle Ford
2024 Ford Mustang Coupe Driving Back View Ford
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Assuming all goes to plan, '24 Mustang production will kick off again next week but Ford has yet to confirm this. Ford has a history of quality issues and this has lowered its reputation and financial standing. CEO Jim Farley acknowledged that quality is not where it needs to be and has assured investors appropriate action is being taken. For the second year in a row, the Blue Oval had the highest number of recalls in the US compared to all other automakers.

Popular vehicles including the Bronco, Bronco Sport, and Explorer have been recalled, sometimes more than once. Some of these problems are quite embarrassing, such as the Bronco's wheels possibly detaching. Production of the immensely popular F-150 Lightning was temporarily stopped due after a battery fire caused some trucks to burn in a holding lot.

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The company has been forced to spend billions of dollars on warranty repairs and recalls. What's Ford's problem?

Industry analysts believe the automaker has been pushing out too many new products at once. To its credit, Ford's newest vehicles are in extremely high demand, meaning there's additional pressure at the factory level to keep those assembly lines moving. Farley is reportedly directly involved with these quality improvements, which might explain why Mustang production briefly stopped before things worsened.

Flat Rock plant workers have expressed frustration with the extended downtime because they're not getting paid until those quality issues have been resolved. There's just nothing to build right now.

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2024 Ford Mustang Coupe Driving Front Angle
2024 Ford Mustang Coupe Driving Back View
2024 Ford Mustang Coupe Dashboard
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