2024 GMC Hummer SUV Arrives With 830 Electric Horses

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The Durango Hellcat better watch out.

GMC revealed the all-electric Hummer Pickup Truck first, but the company guaranteed an SUV model was coming soon. After several teasers, the 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV made its debut during the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four. Like its truck counterpart, the Hummer SUV rides on the GM electric vehicle platform and includes Ultium battery technology. The performance specifications for the SUV are nearly identical to the pickup truck, meaning it's seriously quick.

As with the truck, the Hummer EV SUV Edition 1 kicks off production first in early 2023. This model will be the most powerful, boasting three electric motors combining to produce 830 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of torque. With the "Watts To Freedom" launch control feature, GMC says the SUV can reach 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds. The estimated battery range is over 300 miles, which is impressive for an EV of this size.


Aside from arriving first, the Edition 1 includes 22-inch premium wheels, assist steps, and floor liners. Buyers can add an Extreme Off-Road Package with 18-inch wheels, 35-inch tires, underbody armor, rock sliders, a front eLocker, virtual rear lockers, heavy-duty ball-spline half shafts, UltraVision with underbody camera views, and if you can believe it, more equipment. Expectedly, this package drops the range to around 280 miles.

GMC says customers can expect best-in-class off-road proportions. It didn't quote specific departure and breakover angles but promises a 35.4-foot turning circle with four-wheel steering. Other cool features include CrabWalk, Extract Mode, and more.


After the Edition 1 arrives in early 2023, the EV2X and EV3X models will come in Spring 2023. The latter features the same performance specifications found in the Edition 1 while the former drops down to two electric motors producing up to 625 hp and 7,400 lb-ft of torque. GMC didn't quote a 0-60 mph time for the EV2X but says it will travel over 300 miles on a charge. You'll be able to get it and the EV3X with the Extreme Off-Road package.

The base EV2 model won't arrive until Spring 2024, but it still boasts some impressive specifications. It uses the same twin-motor setup found in the EV2X, though the range is capped to around 250 miles thanks to a smaller battery pack. A larger battery with a 300-mile-plus range will be available optionally.


The Hummer SUV looks broadly similar to the truck, except around the back, where it now has a longer roof instead of a truck bed. Just like the old Hummer H2 SUV, this new model features a mounted full-size spare tire on the back. GMC didn't provide any interior dimensions but promises the SUV will have seating for five and a "large and useful rear cargo area." Like the truck, the Infinity Roof with removable Sky Panels, I-Bar, and rear drop glass comes standard. Super Cruise hands-free driving is standard across the board.

Pricing for the base Hummer EV2 starts at $79,995. The EV2X moves up to $89,995, it's $99,995 for the EV3X, $105,595 for the Edition 1, or $110,595 for the Edition 1 with the Extreme Off-Road Package. More details will arrive on Monday, April 5.


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