2024 Honda Accord Declares War On Knobs And Buttons

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These changes are expected to arrive here soon.

The 2024 Accord has made its debut in Japan, and already Honda has made changes to the midsize luxury sedan that debuted in the USA in late 2022.

As it's not even a year old, the changes aren't substantial. The most significant upgrades are located in the interior, where the 2024 Accord boasts some new controls.

As with last year's model, a 12.3-inch sits proudly on top of the center console, powered by Google built-in. The area around the digital gauge cluster is now square instead of convex, possibly to make room for the available 10.5-inch head-up display.

These alterations are admittedly minor, but there are more substantial differences lower in the cabin.

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Positioned below the infotainment system, there is a large knob with a screen in the middle that replaces the old three-dial setup. Whereas the 2023 Accord had separate knobs to control fan speed, driver temperature, and passenger temperature, all of those functions now live on a single knob called the Experience Selection Dial (translated from Japanese). There are still a few hard buttons for temperature and defrost functions, but the total number has been reduced from 12 to four.

Further down, Honda has cleared up more space in the console by switching from a traditional automatic shifter to a push-button setup. The shifter button section also contains a drive mode dial, EV mode button, and parking button.

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As for the exterior, we can't spot any changes. Honda mentions a "newly developed electric CVT" with two electric motors, but this is likely the same setup as last year with minor updates.

The Honda Accord Hybrid pairs a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with electric motors to deliver 204 horsepower and 247 lb-ft of torque. A gas-only 1.5-liter turbocharged engine is also available with 192 hp and 192 lb-ft. Honda has made a big bet on hybrids, with around 50% of sales accounted for by the electrified model.

A US reveal for the 2024 Accord should take place soon. The 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show in November seems like a likely spot for a debut.

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