2024 Hyundai Kona N Line Looks Great In The Metal

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We can't wait to see the final car up close. But here's a preview.

The Hyundai Kona was already one of our favorite small crossovers, but then the South Korean automaker dropped the first details of the 2024 facelift, and now it looks even better. As of now, the 2024 Hyundai Kona will debut in three main flavors: the standard Kona, the Kona Electric, and the sporty Kona N Line. All three were shown in some ultra-glossy press photos, but a popular YouTuber in South Korea was able to spot a development mule up close and personal.

Car Scene Korea found a 2024 Kona N Line in the middle of the night, wearing some mismatched bodywork in the wrong color. Despite this, the N Line looks pretty cool, even sans production-ready body panels.

CarSceneKorea / YouTube CarSceneKorea / YouTube CarSceneKorea / YouTube CarSceneKorea / YouTube

The video gives us a much closer view at the new one-piece Seamless Horizon headlight design, which looks close to the Korean market Hyundai Grandeur. As with the current Kona, the main headlights are positioned lower on the front bumper, and will likely feature amber coloring when the car is federalized for the US market. A dark black plastic outline surrounds the main grille, which contains the N Line badge to differentiate this as the sportiest model (until the full Kona N arrives).

We only get a peak at the interior in the video, but that's fine because Hyundai has already shown a few official photos of it. Upper trims like the Kona N Line and Kona Electric (pictured below) will get the same dual 12.3-inch displays found in the Ioniq 5 EV along with a new steering wheel featuring the Morse Code for the letter H.

CarSceneKorea / YouTube CarSceneKorea / YouTube CarSceneKorea / YouTube

This is our best look at the Kona's rear end, as Hyundai only released a cropped image of it in the official materials. The N Line features a subtle spoiler, dual-tip exhaust on one side, and a connected taillight bar that mimics the front.

It appears as though the wheel arches are flared for the N Line, but Hyundai may go even more aggressive for the Kona N since this car rides on 215-sized tires. The wheel pattern looks as we expected for an N Line, with a bold but not too overly aggressive design.

CarSceneKorea / YouTube CarSceneKorea / YouTube CarSceneKorea / YouTube

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