2024 Toyota Tacoma Ordering Guide Leaked Online

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Here's what to expect in America.

Thanks to the Toyota Tacoma fanatics over at Tacoma4G.com, we now have a comprehensive list of what the US ordering guide will look like when the 2024 Tacoma goes on sale.

The information you're about to read may pertain to the Canadian Tacoma, but given how closely our offerings have been in the past, things should look roughly 95% similar. The various images in this article will show you what to expect in terms of trim, standard features, color, and optional packages.

If you've been living under a rock, the Tacoma is all new for 2024. Featuring extensive changes like a new turbo four-cylinder base engine, a hybrid powertrain on higher trims, a new Trailhunter trim, and even shock-absorbing seats, it's a pretty incredible truck that will likely continue to dominate its segment.

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One of the biggest headlines with the new truck is that it retains a manual transmission on some trims. The six-speed will only be available on the TRD Off-Road and TRD Sport+ trims equipped with a five-foot bed. Both models will be equipped with the 2.4-liter turbo four-cylinder engine producing 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. Upgrading to the eight-speed auto will get you 278 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque.

The color palette is a blend of old and new, with the SR5 available in White, Celestial Silver Metallic, Underground, and Black. The TRD Sport/Sport+/Off Road adds Solar Octane and Blue Crush Metallic to that list, while the TRD Off Road Premium loses Celestial Silver for some reason. It's likely prone to scuffs and scratches.

If you want a less in-your-face red truck, it looks like you may have to opt for the TRD Sport Premium model, which offers Supersonic Red as a premium option.

Tacoma4G.com Tacoma4G.com Tacoma4G.com

The Interiors are black on the SR5, Smoke Silver on the TRD Sport Premium, TRD Off Road Premium, and TRD Sport +/Off Road with the MT. Opting For the automatic transmission-equipped TRD Sport/Sport+/Off Road opens up Anodized Blue on the TRD Off Road and White on the TRD Sport/Sport+.

Opting for the TRD Sport gives you a more street-oriented truck regardless of the trim. It has 18-inch alloy wheels, a hood scoop, and a sport-tuned suspension. The Sport + gains a moonroof, trailer brake controller, and a JBL audio system. The Sport Premium gets a 14-inch touchscreen, front-side acoustic glass, and more.

Tacoma4G.com Tacoma4G.com Tacoma4G.com Tacoma4G.com Tacoma4G.com

The TRD Off Road is the model for those wanting to stray off the beaten path but can't/don't want to move up to the Trailhunter or TRD Pro. Offering things like Bilstein shocks, BFGoodrich Trail Terrain Tires, downhill assist, crawl control, a locking rear diff, and much more, it seems like a pretty solid upgrade from the lowly SR5.

Upgrading above these models will put you into the TRD Proand Trailhunter territory, which gets you the awesome new i-Force MAX hybrid producing 326 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque standard. We've discussed both of them in length, and you can read all about them by following the hyperlinked names above.

Have a nice browse around the various order pages, and keep in mind that some of these features might not be available in America.

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