Ineos Will Beat Land Rover To An Electric Off-Roader In 2026

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The electric off-roader is expected in 2026.

At a recent event with Australian media, Ineos executives gave further detail about the new electric SUV that would be the company's second model after the Grenadier - an off-roader that channels the spirit of the original Land Rover Defender, replete with retro styling.

Speaking to Australia's Drive, company executive Mark Tennant told the publication that Ineos is working closely with Magna-Steyr on a development program for the newcomer, which is expected to have genuine off-road abilities. "The exterior design is nearly done; we've got a bit more to do on the interior," said Tennant, while hinting at an introduction timeline of 2026.

He also spoke about the underpinnings of the newcomer and how it will deviate from the ladder-frame chassis of the Grenadier.

Ineos Automotive

Like many modern EVs, the as-yet-unnamed newcomer will use the skateboard-style platform favored by electric vehicles like the Rivian R1T and forthcoming Jeep Recon, the latter of which will likely be the new Ineos's primary rival in the electric off-road scene.

"We are obviously looking for some carry-over from Grenadier, in terms of some components, but it won't be a ladder frame [platform]. It will be a skateboard (platform) because, frankly, in order to get the range and capability, we need to go that route," said Tennant.

At this stage, the skateboard platform's source is unknown, but there are a few options open to Ineos. It already works closely with BMW, utilizing its gas- and diesel-powered inline-six engines in the Grenadier. Another option is that it could partner with Magna International to develop the chassis, which is what Jaguar has done for the upcoming Panthera EV platform, or it could buy EV skateboards from any number of suppliers like Canoo.

Ineos Automotive

When asked whether the upcoming Ineos EV would boast the same off-road credentials as the Grenadier, Tennant admitted it probably would be better than its ICE-powered sibling. This makes sense as anyone with a combination of both off-road and EV experience will tell you the two go hand-in-hand. The low center of gravity afforded by the skateboard chassis would give the electric off-roader exceptional balance and enhance its rollover resistance, while the silence would simply be excellent for getting you closer to nature.

However, Ineos will not have the electric off-road sphere to itself. In addition to the aforementioned Jeep Recon, Volkswagen is relaunching the Scout brand as a dedicated off-road EV brand, with both a pickup and an SUV coming on a new electric skateboard chassis. VW might even tap Magna Steyr to help construct the Scout EVs.

Ineos will be among the first of a new class of silent off-roaders, and if it can continue the success of the Grenadier, which has already impressed many of those who've driven it, then the sequel should be something to look forward to.

Ineos Automotive
Ineos Automotive

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