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21 Car Mod Atrocities That Defy Common Sense

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All that's left is utter madness.

You think you have everything worked out in life. Job. Family. The next vacation. You name it. And then you read this here monthly column, Car Mod Atrocities. Everything changes after that, and typically not for the best. Winter is nearly over and spring is just around the corner. Life should be good right about now. Only it's not. These cars are the reason why. Their owners should face some sort of punishment, but that's not possible because atrocities like these aren't technically illegal. They should be.

Perhaps this could be the start of a public awareness campaign, to make it known to all atrocities like these are out there in our towns and cities. In the meantime, we'll continue doing our part by presenting Car Mod Atrocity sightings. Please report your sightings to us and we'll inform the public every month. For the children's sake, always.

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