21 Supercars That Will Change Your Life More Than Winning The Powerball


The question will be not WHAT car you will buy, but how many.

In 2013 we polled our readers – yes we conduct polls (download the app if you don't believe us!) – asking them what they would buy if they had $2 million to spend on a car. Thousands of you voted and the runaway leader was the Koenigegg Agera R that received a whopping 33% of the vote. The following year we polled you again (you're really going to have to get the app if you want to join in!) asking if money was no object, what car would you buy? Drum roll please…

Again Koenigsegg came out on top, with 37% opting for the One:1 as their dream money-no-object supercar. The Pagani Huayra came next with 22%, while the Bugatti Veyron collected a pathetic 8% of the vote. With the Powerball draw happening tonight and a disgusting $1.5 billion up for grabs it's time to ask the question every car guy has been asking themselves today…what car will I buy if I wake up a billionaire tomorrow? We'd love to know your answer, but you'll need to vote via the app to take part. Good luck tonight!


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