$210k Gallardo Bought with 216 Bitcoins


If only we'd heard of these a couple of years ago.

In 2010, Bitcoins were practically worthless. To pay for a couple of pizzas you would have needed 10,000 of the suckers. Since then the price has risen so dramatically a Tesla Model S was recently bought for 91.4 Bitcoins from Lamborghini Newport Beach who became the first luxury car dealer to accept Bitcoin as payment. After that bit of news broke, the dealership has been inundated with calls from people wanting to buy cars with Bitcoins.

According to the Daily Dot, another purchase has been made with a 4chan user successfully buying a 2014 Lambo Gallardo for 216.8433 Bitcoins, which is the equivalent of $209,995. No doubt this is just the start of such stories, with certain commentators suggesting the value of a Bitcoin could eventually rise to as much as $40,000. So prepare yourself for a crop of overnight millionare supercar owners whom likely may end up on our crash reports in the upcoming year.

Source Credits: www.dailydot.com

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