22-Year-Old Car Thief Rams Stolen Mustang Into Cop Car After Huge Heist

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Crash-addicted Mustangs do not make the best getaway vehicles.

There's something about the Ford Mustang that makes it an awesome police car. The movie "Bullitt" proved that to Americans, but over in Australia things are different. The high stress of the Outback proved to be too much for the Mustang, and if test findings aren't enough to prove that maybe this thief's botched getaway attempt will lay the argument to rest. The Daily Mail reports that a 22-year-old robber was part of a crew of organized car thieves who broke into a Melbourne, Australia, Ford dealership and made off with seven cars.

The suspects used crowbars to get into the safe where the car keys were held and made off with the Mustang, three Ford Territory SUVs, two G6E sedans (essentially Ford Falcons), and a Ranger pickup truck. Ironically, the Mustang was likely the fastest car in that group, but it was the only car to be retrieved by police. Apparently the car's power was too much for the thief to handle and he ended up ramming a police SUV while trying to evade police in traffic. To top off the situation, police found drugs in the driver's possession, because what greater rush is there than to steal a few cars and lead the cops on a wild Mustang chase while buzzed? (There was no mention of drugs playing a role in the crash.)

Later, the police found two of the stolen vehicles dumped, leaving only four of the initial seven vehicles unaccounted for. What might explain the fact that the Mustang was the only car to be caught is the fact that, at least in pictures, the red muscle car doesn't appear to be a GT model. This means that the young thief may have only had between 300 to 310 ponies to help him get away. Meanwhile, the G6E sedans were likely sporting Ford's turbocharged 4.0-liter inline-six that makes 362 horsepower, making the sedans better-suited to escaping than the Mustang. The G6E along with the Ranger and Territory SUV are all reasons to be jealous of some of the cars Australians can chose from. Images from 7 News Melbourne.

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