22-Year old Saudi Kid Pays $70K Premium for the 1st Aventador in Arabia

The son of a Saudi billionaire just paid a $71,000 premium to receive the first Lamborghini Aventador in the Arab country.

Dhiaa Al-Essa, the son of a Saudi billionaire, is known to many as the kid with over $12 million worth of supercars. He just paid a $71,000 premium to bypass Lamborghini's 18-month waiting list to own the first Aventador in Saudi Arabia. Al-Essa already owns supercars ranging from the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport to a pair of Rolls-Royces to several other Lamborghinis, such as the Gallardo, Gallardo Superleggera and the Murcielago.

Al-Essa commented on his latest purchase, saying "It's amazing the Lamborghini has arrived. I wanted to be the first in Saudi Arabia to get the Aventador. Of course there is competition but for me personally it is not a competition, I just love cars - and if you want to be first you have to work hard and pay more." The new Lamborghini Aventador cost $461,000 without the premium and it should look nice in his collection, sitting next to 6 Ferraris and 5 Porsches along with a few Mercedes, BMWs and Audis.

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