23-Year-Old Gets A Bentley Stuck In The Sand On The Beach


What was he thinking?

There are plenty of different ways to ensure that you get the best possible parking spot when going to the beach, but this guy in a Bentley Flying Spur really took things to a whole new level. According to reports, the 23-year-old Russian driver was going to meet his family for a barbecue on the Marazion beach near Penzance in England. We're not sure what was going through the young man's head when he decided to drive his $200,000 luxury sedan straight onto the beach, but the end result was a truly spectacular fail.

As the video attests, the family day at the beach was totally ruined as the Bentley got stuck in the sand for nearly six hours until a local farmer came to the rescue with his tractor. Check it out.

Source Credits: www.cornishman.co.uk

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