$230K For A V8 Swapped Karma?

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Facelifted VLF Destino has bad Karma with that price.

Let's be very clear; this is not a modified Jaguar F-Type with four doors and the derriere of a Fisker Karma, it is the Karma. It would appear then, that the defunct Karma has gone in for a rhinoplasty and heart transplant. Unveiled in 2013, the facelifted VLF Destino now sports an eerily similar front fascia to the Jaguar F-Type, and given Henrik Fisker's legal woes with other British firms the styling might prove an issue for a later time.Speaking of Henrik Fisker, the former Aston Martin designer is now head of design and product strategy at VLF automotive.

The Destino uses the architecture from the Karma but spices some life into the driveline with an old friend of ours the GM LS9. The supercharged 6.2-liter V8 churns out 638-horsepower and just over 600lb-ft. Weighing 4300lbs the aluminum bodied Destino should be more than quick enough to match its market rivals, Aston Martin's Rapide and the Porsche Panamera. The Destino will also be offered with a more modern LT-1 engine found in the current generation C7 Corvette, though no word on if the Z06's LT-4 will find its way under the hood. Clad in 265/30 and 305/30 putting power to pavement should not be too difficult.

The Destino is to be built in Michigan and Henrik Fisker has announced he will sign each one. Maybe that's why the cost is $229,000.

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