24 Year Old M5 Still Drivin Like it Was Stolen

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The owner of this E28 M5 claims to be a bit shy, but his car is anything but as he's been its sole owner for almost a quarter of a century.

It may sound hard to believe but Randy Balingit-Hartmann has not only owned but has used this BMW E28 M5 as his daily driver since 1989. He's been the car's sole owner and was so young when he bought it that the dealership didn't believe he could afford it; his dad had to make the deal with the salesman instead. Over the years, Balingit-Hartmann had made various modifications to the car in order to keep in working order. It's not completely stock but it still looks and runs solid to this day.

In fact, it's never had any mechanical problems. Moreover, this is the story of how one man has remained completely loyal to his car over the years and refuses to drive anything else. And the best part is that he drives it the way it was meant to be – like it was stolen.

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