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243 MPH+ McLaren Speedtail Hyper GT Teased Before Debut Later This Month

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Centrally-mounted driver's seat. A combined 989 hp. Consider us excited.

Last summer, McLaren announced its next Ultimate Series hypercar will be called the Speedtail, previously known as BP23. It will be unlike any other McLaren, although it will incorporate the iconic F1's three-seat layout with the driver sitting in the middle. With a top speed said to be in excess of 243 mph, the McLaren Speedtail Hyper-GT will have its official debut on October 26 via live streaming for all the world to see.

This live stream may be the closest most of the world will get to see a Speedtail because all 106 planned examples have been spoken for at around $2.3 million a pop, plus taxes. Official details and specs will also be announced on the reveal day, but here's what we know: the Speedtail will feature a gasoline-hybrid setup with a combined 989 hp.

Combined with that centrally-mounted driver's seat, the Speedtail will offer, according to McLaren, an "unprecedented blend of contemporary craftsmanship, material innovation and bespoke personalization." Its state-of-the-art powertrain will make it faster than the F1 and, as can be expected, a far more comfortable machine for grand touring. McLaren design chief Rob Melville told us at Goodwood in July that the Speedtail was unlike any other McLaren he previously penned because of the streamlined and futuristic styling the British carmaker opted for. Sure, McLaren could have played it safe but then again, McLaren's design team has been pushing the boundaries as of late. Just look at the stunning 720S.

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And because the Speedtail is part of the Ultimate Series, which previously included the P1, customers will and are expected to personalize them through the services of McLaren Special Operations (MSO). No two cars will be alike. But like all modern McLarens, the Speedtail will be built upon a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and will further incorporate many other weight-saving materials throughout. Sound good to you? We thought so, and official specs aren't even it yet.

However, we might receive a few leaked photos in the coming days because the McLaren Speedtail is about to be privately shown to customers at an event in London. We'll keep you posted.