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243 MPH Three-Seat McLaren Hyper-GT Will Go Faster Than McLaren F1

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Spiritual successor to the iconic F1 will be the fastest McLaren ever made with a speed in excess of 243 mph.

McLaren dropped a pair of hypercar bombs at the Geneva Motor Show this week, revealing the Senna and its track-only twin the Senna GTR. Joining the P1 and P1 GTR, in one fell swoop the British carmaker has doubled the number of Ultimate Series models. But you don't reach the heady heights McLaren has managed in just six and a bit years with linear growth. At a private event during the show, McLaren shared more details and design sketches of the three-seat 'Hyper-GT' that's set to expand the Ultimate Series range even further.

McLaren says the upcoming model "will be capable of exceeding 243 mph," the peak speed achieved by the legendary McLaren F1 that inspired the new model. Codenamed BP23 (Bespoke Project 2, with three seats), like the Senna the new model will carry a name rather than an alphanumerical nomenclature that will be announced – along with the car's maximum possible speed – nearer to the car's public reveal, scheduled for later this year. As well as being the fastest-ever McLaren, with power coming from a gas-electric hybrid powertrain similar to that used in the P1, the next addition to the Ultimate Series will also be the most luxurious model in the automaker's lineup.

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Where the Senna has been built to be the ultimate road car on the track, the BP23 was created as the ultimate grand tourer, "the ultimate road-going McLaren" with high levels of luxury, a streamlined, shrink-wrapped body, exquisitely designed and built for long journeys, combined with high performance and speed. Just like the iconic F1, the three-seat cockpit design boasts a central driving position. And as the F1 was limited to 106 units, so will the BP23 with all examples allocated before the car was announced back in November 2016. Priced at 1.6 million GBP + taxes, each model will be personalized by McLaren Special Operations (MSO). Production will begin at the end of next year.