$250,000 Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4 Squared Gets High End Makeover

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Not that it needed one, but some people just have to be different.

Of the 500 units of the G500 4x4 Squared that Mercedes intends to build, 250 will go directly to Brabus to work its magic. Among a suite of upgrades, the German tuner offers a luxurious cabin, but Polish interior specialist, Carlex Design, has attempted to take this to another level. Perfectly at home tackling seriously challenging offroad terrain and cruising down the highway, the owner of this particular 4x4 Squared tasked the tuning house to give his lime green truck a sporty, modern look with accents complementing the exterior.

Mansory is another aftermarket firm that has tackled the hardcore G wagon, and similar to the German outfit, Carlex decided to use plenty of perforated Alcantara that now dominates the cabin, with a rhombus pattern reflecting the car's boxy shape. Black leather inserts with perforated motifs, embossed motifs on the headrests and an Alacantara and leather wrapped steering wheel all work together to give the 4x4 Squared a more high-end finish. Bear in mind this is a car that costs upwards of $250,000, so this was no easy task yet one that has been very well executed.

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