2,500-HP Drag Race: Bugatti Divo Vs. Tesla Model S Plaid

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If you're lucky enough to roll around town in a Bugatti Divo, you'll be comforted by the fact that few cars could beat you to the next traffic light. Of course, you paid $6 million for that privilege - but that doesn't mean you're safe. The incredibly quick Tesla Model S Plaid strikes fear into the heart of any hypercar owner.

To see whether the highly limited Bugatti can fend off an attack from the electric sedan, YouTuber DragTimes managed to get the two together on a drag strip at Yas Marina raceway in Abu Dhabi. The drag race begins with a roll-out and, despite the hugely impressive twin-turbocharged 8.0-liter W16 engine, the 1,500-hp Divo proves no match for the Model S Plaid.

DragTimes/YouTube DragTimes/YouTube

Towards the end, the Bugatti begins to reel the Tesla in, but it's too late. The Model S Plaid crosses the line just ahead of the Divo. Of course, with an even longer straight, the Bugatti would win. As it reached the quarter-mile mark, the Tesla was traveling at 153.9 mph while the Bugatti had reached 155.8 mph.

Unfortunately, the Tesla suffered some light damage on return, with the driver reportedly hitting something on the way back, damaging the diffuser. With the electric sedan retired, the Divo lines up against a fellow stablemate, the Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Oddly, the Divo launches slowly and is left behind by the Turbo S. But the W16 quickly flexes its muscles and hurtles the Bugatti into the lead, crossing the line at 158.4 mph.

DragTimes/YouTube DragTimes/YouTube

Soon, the Bugatti jettisons down the line and reportedly sets a world record for the quickest ICE-powered production car - a startling 9.27-second quarter-mile.

Back from its quick repair job, the electric Tesla slinks onto the track, ready to defeat the mighty Divo once again. Despite the hugely exciting ingredients, the drag race turns out to be a flop. The Model S Plaid takes off with gusto, while the Bugatti seems to pull away with minimal motivation.

The driver notes that something went wrong with the Divo. "Although the car went into launch mode when I went to launch it...[the Bugatti] was slipping the clutch and I couldn't apply full power until well past mid-first gear"

DragTimes/YouTube DragTimes/YouTube

Truth be told, the Plaid's victory is unsurprising. The tri-motor Model S boasts a remarkable 1,020 horsepower and 1,050 lb-ft of torque, giving it the motivation to hit 60 mph in less than two seconds. Couple that with the reasonable price of $135,990, and the speedy Tesla is a cut-price supercar killer.

Last year, an example of the electric sedan managed to blitz the quarter-mile in a mere 9.08 seconds, beating the previous record of 9.24 seconds set by Jay Leno. While this is all very impressive, this won't matter much to dyed-in-the-wool combustion engine enthusiasts. The Divo's mesmerizing engine noise, mechanical feel, and a surfeit of other talents make it the more desirable choice. Still, it must hurt seeing your $6 million hypercar lose to a plush family sedan.

DragTimes/YouTube DragTimes/YouTube

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