$272k Porsche 911 Sport Classic Gets $250k Markup

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And the Californian dealer couldn't even get the engine configuration right.

Porsche Redwood City in California has obtained a Porsche 911 Sport Classic and applied a markup of $250,000 to the limited-edition sports car. The example in question appears to have some add-ons installed, as the MSRP before markup is shown at $288,910 (without options, the 911 SC starts at $272,300).

Regardless of what extras are included, this "market adjustment" represents a price increase of almost 86%, bringing the total asking price to a scandalous $538,910. On the dealer's website, the listing encourages prospective buyers to "call for price," possibly because the dealer is afraid of being shamed by the public. That being said, other 911s in the dealer's inventory are also advertised without a price, including two GT3s. We shudder to think...

Either way, in the age of the internet, even smartphone pictures of a window sticker can go viral.

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The justification for this insane price gouging comes down to the scarcity of the 911 SC, of which only 1,250 examples will be produced for the global market. The recipe of the car is also pretty special: a ducktail rear spoiler, a twin-turbo flat-six producing 543 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque, a seven-speed manual transmission, RWD, and carbon-ceramic brakes, among other things.

As the most powerful Porsche you can have with a manual transmission - not to mention one of the rarest 911s of the modern lineup - those who have put their names down for one and don't intend to drive it are looking for a big payday. It's just disappointing that dealerships are among those taking advantage of enthusiasts, especially when the dealer in question gets the engine displacement wrong.

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Comically, this dealership doesn't even fully understand its own product and has listed the engine as a 3.8-liter (it's a 3.7, in case you're not a Porsche nerd). If you're going to rip people off, at least be professional about it.

Unfortunately, such practices show no sign of slowing. Whether we're talking about a humble hatchback like the Toyota GR Corolla or a limited edition from Stuttgart, dealers and individual buyers alike are continually adding exorbitant markups to cars that are in high demand. But if you didn't make it on the list for a 911 SC and don't mind spending over half a million bucks on a Blue one with a Cognac Black interior, you know where to look.

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